InVision 2020 is a productivity release focused on the day to day needs of our users.

Based on your priority feedback we’ve developed a brand-new Move Scenarios capability for creating and evaluating complex what-if scenarios.

Across applications we’ve added more drag-and-drop interaction to make things easier without so many button-clicks.

We’ve also added KPI targets to help you better track the things you care about.

Overall, this release will help you work faster and better through highly interactive visual features across the system. For a complete overview, you can check out our Online Help Center release notes, or contact us for a demo.

Release Highlights:


Move Scenarios

Move Scenarios is a tool built to help explore what-if scenarios by visually supporting easy draft assignments of people to spaces across one or multiple floors. This new addition to Move Tools will help simplify complicated move questions through highly interactive drag-and-drop tools.

  • Create Scenarios – Quickly create simple or complex move scenarios by adding as many people and floors as you want. These draft scenarios are a safe place to try different test-fits until you find the best one.
  • Drag & Drop Assignments – We’ve enabled even more drag & drop interaction to make it as easy as possible to quickly perform assignments, un-assignments, and simple space shuffles.
  • Analyze Scenario – Run a validation check for any scenario, which shows you where there may be items which need your attention.
  • Commit a Scenario – Once you’ve created a scenario that works, you can commit those moves in order to execute assignment changes. This includes exporting a move manifest and updating production data

KPI Card Targets

KPI Cards let you keep track of the things you care about, and at the 2020 release you can now define Targets for your KPI Cards. These configurable targets let you specify a threshold or acceptable zone, so you can quickly see when something you care about needs your attention. .

  • Configure Targets – An optional new setting for any of your KPI Cards, where you can define the range or threshold values for where you want your data to be.
  • Visual Indicators – When you log in to InVision, those KPI Cards where you’ve defined a target will visually show you where an exception is occurring. You can then click through the KPI to see the data in an app where you can drill down further

Spherical Image Support

The Image Galleries in InVision provide an attractive way to share multiple photos of a record, but at 2020 you can now share interactive spherical photos in galleries as well. This support for panoramic images means users can immerse themselves in a location and pan around to find what they are looking for.

  • View Panoramic Images – When you share a panoramic image, users can pan and zoom around the image to understand the entire 360 context of a photo. This interactive experience helps convey the entire environment as opposed to one limited shot.
  • Easy Management – Managing panoramic images is handled exactly like normal image management, except the system automatically detects spherical images and uses an interactive experience when viewing it.
  • Understand Context – This feature is great for everything from construction photos to classroom layouts, not to mention asset management and emergency preparedness.


    Drag & Drop Enhancements 

    InVision users spend a lot of their time managing data, which typically means a lot of mouse clicking to get the job done. Based on your feedback we’ve brought more drag & drop interaction to common application workflows, so you can easily shave time and mouse-clicks from the things you do most!


    • Space Assignments – Want to move a person from their current office to one down the hall? Simply drag and drop them into the new space, and the system does the rest. The Move Workspace also now uses drag and drop in multiple ways.
    • Document Uploads – Instead of clicking Add, browsing to a file location, clicking a file, then clicking ok, users can now drag a file into InVision to upload it. This can be done with single files, or multiple files if you want to bulk upload.
    • Move Scenarios – The brand-new Move Scenarios capability has advanced drag and drop capabilities which use your context to determine logic when you drag a person or floor to a scenario. Drag people into spaces to assign them, drag them between spaces to move them, or drag them to the scenario to un-assign.

    There’s lots more included in the 2020 release of InVision, get in touch with us to learn more or talk about upgrading!

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