The InVision 2019.0  release is a major advancement of the InVision system and includes improvements across multiple apps as well as new system-wide capabilities. For a complete overview you can check out our Online Help Center release notes, or contact us for a demo.

Release Highlights:


Image and Document Management

The Facilities assets you manage in InVision are more than just records in a database. Being able to see images and files for facility records provides important context for business users and visitors alike, and at the 2019 release you can now easily manage images and documents for any of your data in InVision. Whether its photos of a Building, multiple images of a classroom interior, or a maintenance manual for an  HVAC asset location, these visual elements help you understand facility information better than ever

  •  Manage Images – When enabled, users can upload images to a record in InVision to provide quick visual context. In the field, these images can be captured directly from a users phone or uploaded from a device. These images can then be displayed across the InVision system when looking at details of a record.
  • Manage Documents – Users with permissions can upload and manage file content for records in InVision, and behind the scenes InVision tags them with all relevant context data so they are always easy to find.
  • Control Access – Uploading file content to the Public container makes it available to general users, providing easy access to documents for the campus community, with the ability to specify which roles can view and edit content.
  • Create Galleries – You can also choose to create image galleries for records, adding as many photos as you want. When launching a gallery, users can scroll through all the images and choose to magnify any they want..

Enhanced Editing

New at the 2019 release are a number of enhancements to Editing support in InVision. Users can now configure the Explorer app template to edit different geometry types, arrange multiple templates in an easy to choose menu, and control different levels of editing permissions. Users can also now edit attributes of individual records in the Asset Manager app template.

  • Line & Polygon editing – In addition to Point feature editing, Explorer now supports Line and Polygon feature editing as well.
  • Streamlined Feature picker – Instead of multiple Add Feature buttons in Explorer, users can now pick from a scrolling feature picker which includes all editable entities.
  • Additional Permissions levels – More granular editing permissions can be set for Explorer apps, so that users can only edit attributes, or have full control over creating, updating, and deleting records.
  • Editing in Asset Manager – Users can now edit individual assets in Asset Manager, in addition to bulk updating and editing of related records.

Space Management Enhancements

Focused on the core needs of users managing and assigning space across their organization, the Space Manager application has added a couple major enhancements at the 2019 release. These features focus on rounding out the already robust capabilities in the application today based on end-user feedback..

  • Image Management – Users with editing permissions can now manage images for the facility records they manage. This includes being able to upload multiple images, choose which is the primary image, and delete images.
  • Indirect Cost Recovery – For organizations supporting grant funded research, the 2019 release includes major enhancements to support for Indirect Cost Recovery data management. Based on user feedback this expanded approach includes additional data elements, streamlined workflow, and the ability to establish split-space Allocations which can then be functionalized by Departments
  • Move Workspace – This new feature has been designed around the way space managers work, giving you a parking lot where you can add people while you’re looking for spaces to assign them. This intuitive drag and drop interaction means less clicks and more streamlined workflow for how assignments work.

Integration & Configuration Updates 

There are a number of new and enhanced Integrations, Adapters, and Configuration App enhancements:

  • Adapter for Cartegraph OMS– Cartegraph provides a robust asset and work management platform for high performance government, and at the 2019 release InVision includes and optional adapter for Cartegraph OMS. This adapter uses the Cartegraph API to communicate between the two systems and brings a comprehensive set of capabilities to InVision facility assets
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Integration – At the 2019 release InVision has been updated to support federated services, as well as still support standalone ArcGIS Server services.
  • Admin Tool Updates – New capabilities to enable/manage Image Management, Document Management, and security in ivAdmin. Updates to all Configuration Assistant Apps as well.

There’s lots more included in the 2019 release of InVision, get in touch with us to learn more or talk about upgrading!

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