How does InVision help facilities managers match the best space with the mission?

Thoughtful and proactive management of space is a key to maintaining a high-performance campus, but high-performance space management is about more than just reducing vacancy rates. Space managers must also ensure that each business unit has sufficient space – and the right kinds of space – to efficiently deliver on their mission.

FM Executives – FM Executives use InVision to understand the performance of the overall portfolio. Decisions about where new space may need to be acquired and what types of uses are supported. Utilization reporting can indicate which departments are using their space efficiently and which are not.

Organization Space Administrators – Organization Space Managers use InVision to change allocations between different departments or cost centers in order to balance space availability and utilization concerns. Organization space managers also use InVision to coordinate space inventory and space audit activities in order to ensure that the data the organization depends on is current and accurate.

Space Planners – Space planners use InVision to evaluate candidate spaces for potential repurposing or reassignment.  They will also use InVision to communicate these space plans to others within the organization to get approvals and communicate potential budget impacts.

Move Managers– Move Managers use InVision to create move plans, communicate those plans to other stakeholders, and to update the underlying space data once a move is completed. Meanwhile, Move Coordinators use InVision to track move progress and report on completion.

CAD / BIM Analysts– CAD / BIM Analysts use InVision to update the floor plan data in InVision by uploading their current CAD or BIM floor plans into InVision.  InVision helps CAD / BIM Analysts by reporting to them when there are technical problems with their data.  Data quality reports in InVision help the CAD / BIM Analysts to understand where they may have data quality problems and to report on data quality progress.  InVision’s data interoperability tools help them to convert their data between CAD / BIM formats and GIS saving significant amounts of time.

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