How can InVision organize widely disparate and distributed real property records to support better informed decisions?

Federal, state, and local government entities generally manage large, distributed portfolios of real estate, but lack centralized repositories for vital data about leases, vacancies, occupancy rates, energy use, and more. InVision provides a centralized information hub where all these different sources of data can be managed, analyzed, visualized, and reported on.

 InVision can filter and analyze real property records to better understand where a portfolio is under-performing, where properties should be disposed of, where to acquire new properties, and catalogue how different agencies are utilizing properties.

InVision can create maps, reports, and other materials to brief the public and legislative bodies. And InVision can also create new real property records as properties are acquired, maintain information about what agencies are assigned to each property, and archive real property information when a property is disposed of.

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