How does InVision help prepare for a public safety risk — and react properly should one occur?

There is usually a Safety & Security group on campus that is responsible for this set of problems.  Within this group, there may be different folks that focus on security aspects and others that focus on fire safety issues.  There is also often a desire to share this information with outside agencies that may be called in to support a response during an incident. InVision provides the tools to inventory and inspect safety & security assets and to share this information.

Planning – With InVision’s planning tools, Security Planners can create and publish emergency action plans for a variety of emergencies.  These plans can be shared with building residents and response agencies alike.  Use InVision’s inventory and assessment tools to inventory and inspect public safety assets such as CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers, AED Devices, Fire Safety Panels, etc.

Response – Provide your response personnel with a near-real-time common operational picture that includes the operational status of your safety assets.  With integrations, you can tap into CCTV camera feeds, interact with automated access control, and other security systems.  Securely publish these web applications out to other response agencies that may be involved in an incident response on your campus.

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