I came across an article the other day that promised to raise my IQ by 23% if I meditated for 20 minutes a day.

And while I  – and no doubt others – struggle with the image of me in spandex assuming the lotus position, I have to admit I was intrigued.  After all, who doesn’t want to be smarter given the opportunity?Meditation

The article did, however, inspire some transcendental thoughts about the purpose of enterprise technology in general and my world of Facilities GIS in particular. Technology, after all, is designed to make work and play easier by allowing more efficient access to information to make smarter decisions.  In essence, raising your IQ about the things you care about.

Many petals of the facilities lotus

I have yet to meet a facilities professional who doesn’t want to know more about their data with the goal to make their facilities more efficient, productive and secure…in other words ..they want to raise their Facilities IQ to help them be more effective.  The challenge is that there are so many different facets of facilities information, often managed and stored in different systems and formats.  Site plans in CAD or GIS formats. Floor plans in CAD or BIM formats.  Asset and work order information in a CMMS.  Unstructured content in a document management system.  Space classification and assignment information in a CAFM which of course is a different system from the systems where you maintain your scheduling information.  If only we could access all this inter-related information through a simple, map-based interface.

It is all inter-dependent

Most of the information sources we care about are related to one another through location.  We can use location as an organizing principle to bring many information sources together in a way that we can more easily understand relationships and interdependencies.  I often come across clients that have – or are interested in – a Facilities Information System (FIS) for this very purpose and I think Facilities GIS and our InVision solutions are well suited to the task which is outlined in our recent White Paper.

The path to facilities enlightenment

Our mission is to help our customers become more knowledgeable about the facilities they own and operate.  Systems integration and data interoperability are central to that mission.  Data management processes and data quality assessment tools are also key.  But the most important aspect of what we do is to provide intuitive web applications that help you understand the relationships between ongoing activities within your facilities.  If we can help you meditate on the inter-dependency of your facilities operations, maybe we can help you raise your Facilities IQ.knowledge