InVision Secure

Get immediate access to accurate information about who and what is inside and around your property

In today’s world, our facilities represent focused security risk. Safety & Security Managers and Emergency Responders need better access to real time information about the people and assets they are protecting.

InVision Secure gives Safety & Security Managers the tools to inventory and inspect a wide range of public safety assets from fire extinguishers to AED devices to CCTV cameras and much more. 

Managers and Planners can see the view sheds of CCTV cameras on interactive maps indoors and outdoors to understand where they may have blind spots and what the impact will be of camera outages. 

Emergency Responders have access to interactive web mapping tools that show all their facilities indoors and outdoors, the status of rooms where people are located, access to real-time CCTV camera feeds. 

With system integrations, information from scheduling systems, automated access control, intrusion detection and fire safety systems can also be brought into the map. 

These easy to use web and mobile apps can also be shared with other responding agencies to maximize impact.

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