With dozens of events and thousands of visitors to New York City, the weeks leading up to 2015 NBA All-Star game presented unique challenges to public safety planning. But given FDNY’s previous success using PenBay Solutions InVision™ Secure software, they knew exactly what to do.


NEW YORK, NY – February 27, 2015 – PenBay Solutions, developer of InVision software, was again selected by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) to help configure and roll out updates to their InVision Secure Event Management system. With the ability to share data among agencies, FDNY has used their InVision Secure Event Management solution for Super Bowl XLVIII and New Year’s Eve 2014/2015—and now they’ve also successfully managed and secured events around the 2015 NBA All-Star game.


The 2015 NBA All-Star game brought fans from across the country to the New York metro area. While the game was the main event, there were dozens of activities leading up it—not the least of which was an outdoor concert in the Flatiron District featuring Kanye West and other special guests.

In order to make room for 10,000 concert goers, the city had to shut down Fifth Avenue and Broadway from 23rd to 26th streets, as well as 24th and 25th streets between Broadway and Sixth Avenue. The stretch of 26th Street from Fifth to Sixth avenues was also closed.


“With each new event, we continue building up our InVision Secure solution,” said Captain Mike Brady, Commanding Officer of the FDNY GIS Unit. “As we go along, we’re able to add more pre-planning data, emergency action plans, CCTV camera feeds and Building Information Cards (BICs) to ensure our City’s events go smoothly and safely.”

With the addition of the InVision Secure Security Planning module this year, FDNY was able to upload and georeference emergency action plans and make them available to the FDOC (Fire Department Operations Center). With these new capabilities, if there is ever an incident in one of these buildings, with a simple click, FDNY can see all available floor plans, BIC cards, and pre-plans so they know what they are walking into—and they can also access the appropriate response plan out in the field via mobile devices.

“Not only are we making it easier to effectively pre-plan and secure events,” continues Captain Brady, “but we’re also simultaneously implementing safety pre-plans for sections of the city—which ultimately makes our city a safer place.”

“We will continue to support FDNY and the City of New York with all their safety and security needs,” said Bill Barron, CEO of PenBay Solutions. “Through the work we are doing with FDNY, we continue finding new applications for our InVision technology that many cities across the nation will want to adopt in short order. We congratulate NYC on another successful and safe event!”


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