InVision FM

There are several important business challenges at the core of Facilities Management and InVision FM is designed to address them. 

InVision FM will enable field workers, analysts, and managers across the organization to collect, manage, analyze, and report on facilities information so that executives can be empowered to make data-driven decisions. With InVision FM, this approach is applied to the core problems of:

Space Management: The InVision FM Space Management Solution helps you maximize the productive capacity of every square foot within your facility portfolio. Classify spaces by type, use, accessibility, condition, etc.  Assign people and organizations to spaces.  Proportionally assign departments, budget codes, and primary investigators to spaces to support budget allocation and indirect cost recovery.

Move Management: Create move manifests, select employees to be moved using queries or graphically on FloorMaps, select destination spaces, and assign people to those spaces. Save move projects to be shared with others for refinement and approval.

Asset Management: Establish and maintain asset locations and attributes – both indoors and outdoors – and create workflows that are supported by other InVision modules for inspections, service requests, and public safety.

Lease Management: Visualize your locations, campuses, floors, spaces, assets and leases on a map so you can improve operations workflows and better manage your lease milestones and deadlines.

Utility & Infrastructure Management: Aggregate all of your indoor facility data with utility and infrastructure data (for assets indoors, outdoors, above and below ground) from various sources into a single, comprehensive, visual system. InVision provides apps for field workers to inventory and inspect assets and infrastructure and for managers to analyze and report on this information for budget planning purposes.

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