Geographic information systems (GIS) is a technology with many practical uses for facility managers. GIS systems allow you to view, understand, question, interpret and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports and charts. GIS can be used by facility managers for portfolio planning and management, operations and maintenance, and safety and security, as well as many other applications.

This white paper, written by PenBay Solutions and published by the IFMA Foundation, provides a detailed overview about geographic information systems, including five case studies. The white paper is intended to be useful for individuals and leaders within facility management, as well as real estate managers, property developers, architects, engineers, consultants and government entities. Students in facility management will also find this white paper relevant.

The paper includes detailed discussion about the following topics:

  • GIS basics
  • How GIS can be used in facility management
    • Real estate and portfolio management
    • Facility and space management
    • Maintenance management
    • Environmental and sustainability management
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Visualization
  • How GIS can be integrated with other applications, such as computer aided facility management (CAFM) and integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) and building information modeling (BIM)
  • Market drivers
  • Case studies

GIS for Facility Management White Paper - Download

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